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There are four main albums, several singles, compilations,
picture discs, videos and specials.

The first album:
Steeler/Steeler (1984)

Earthshaker Records ES 4001

01. "Chains Are Broken"
02. "Gonna Find Some Place in Hell"
03. "Heavy Metal Century"
04. "Sent from the Evil"
05. "Long Way"
06. "Call Her Princess"
07. "Love for Sale"
08. "Hydrophobia"
09. "Fallen Angel"

The 2nd album:
Steeler/Ruling the Earth (1985)

Earthshaker Records ES 4009


01. "The Resolution"
02. "Ruling the Earth"
03. "Shellshock"
04. "Let the Blood Run Red"
05. "Heading for the End"
06. "Maniac"
07. "Run with the Pack"
08. "S.F.M. 1"
09. "Turning Wheels"

The 3rd album:
Steeler/Strike Back (1986)

SPV Records

01. Chain Gang
02. Money Doesn't Count
03. Danger Comeback
04. Icecold
05. Messin' Around With Fire
06. Rockin' The City
07. Strike Back
08. Night After Night
09. Waiting For A Star

The 4th album:
Steeler/Undercover Animal (1988)

SPV Records

01. "Hunter or Hunted"
02. "Undercover Animal"
03."Shadow in the Redlight"
04. "Hard Breaks"
05. "Criminal"
06. "Rely on Rock"
07. "Stand Tall"
08. "The Deeper the Night"
08. "Knock Me Out"
09. "Bad to the Bone"

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4 Albums
/ 1984-1989

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Additional Releases

This very rare Live Video has been recorded in STEELER`s favourite Live-Hall Zeche Bochum

Video/ MetalHammer Roadshow - Live / VHS/Stereo

single SPV/Night after Night

Undercover Animal / Picture Disc SPV

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