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Studiopics Horus Sound Hannover/ Dec/Jan.-85

The small
stage-setup of different possible STEELER-Backlines / Bochum Dec. 86

Somewhere in Bremen germany/ the band`s nightliner
arriving / June-87

Jan backstage joking/having funny dinners

Peter ruling the crowd / Volksbildungsheimhalle/ Frankfurt/ May 87

Jan & Tommy Lee of MötleyCrüe backstage/ Essen Grugahalle July-86

Axel running hot in Nov. 1986

Tom & Axel at Markthalle/Hamburg 87

Jan sticking for the audience/Augsburg/Congresshalle/87

Roland viewing up the crowd/Alaadin Bremen/87

Jan at drumsolo action/Neuchatel/Switzerland/86

Mitch(guitartech) & Jan aftershow in Munich 87

Ready to soundcheck at Zeche/Bochum germany Dec. 87

promotional overload in 1988 / Undercover Animal picture series

The Band at hometown Bochum/germany 1985

Live in Switzerland

British Mags celebrating the band before releasing famous `Strike Back` album/Mar 87

Axel & Jan having a break 5 hours prior to showtime/Dec.86

Axel & K.K.Downing of Judas Priest/ Essen 86

Poster/Tourpromotion Steeler & Opening acts /87

Jan photographed by famous english `Master of Pics` Tony Mottram/Apr. 88

Tourscene Frankfurt/ flightcases being prepared for next day

Backcover of Ruling the Earth Album/STEELER/1985

medic first aid by Tourchief Gerd Wiehagen for Roland after stage crash with tom`s guitar neck/Koblenz Stadthalle

Jan posing for SONOR/PAISTE Endorsement Catalogue / September 1987

Peter, Tom & Jan at the front stage in the very early days of 84/1st german tour

Shot at Hamburg/Markthalle Soundcheck/Strike Back Tour/ early 87

the fab five on backsleeve of Strike Back Album

Jan elected No3 as one of germanys best heavy rock drummers by Metal Hammer
mag readers in 1988/ endorsing Sonor drums, DW and PAISTE cymbals

live at Dynamo/Eindhoven Netherlands/Aug.85

Axel & Jan somewhere on the road facing the next show/ Feb. 87

Tourposter of `87 STEELER/Paganini Tour germany/switzerland

Focussing the crowd/Livepic Munich 87

Behind the lines / Steeler and Saxon Tour 88

Studiosession mit dem Metal Hammer Reporter Reinhard Harms

Steeler bei der Anniversary-Reunion Show am 11.07.2014 in Balingen auf dem Bang Your Head Festival

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