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Yesterday & Today

The Band in it`s most famous line-up and a sneak preview of new material nowadays :

latest pics of the band July 11th 2014

(left to right) Axel Rudi Pell(g) - Jan Yildiral(d) - Roland Hag(b) - Peter Burtz(v) - Tom Eder(g)

The fab five reunited during Peter`s birthday in Cologne/ 1st of May 2005:

(left to right) Tom Eder(g) - Roland Hag(b) - Peter Burtz(v) - Jan Yildiral(d) - Axel Rudi Pell(g)




Sneak Preview:
This very personal archive will soon be added by more personal pictures from each band member


Is very happy in his own solo project ARP heading to become more and more successful as one of best german metal acts.
Touring a lot he`s recently hitting most of big european metal festivals where you can go and see him live in concert.
He´s married and building up his new house in the near of his hometown Bochum. He loves Formula 1 and fast cars.

Starsign: Cancer
All time favourites:
First record:

to be added soon

Axel & Volker for lunch with his band ARP

Axel & Yngwie Malmsteen aftershow

Axel after a swiss interview

Axel & his special friend Uli Jon Roth

Axel just got married to his Christina at Kemnade Castle in 2006

Axel & his mob in studio during recordings of Mystica 06

Doro & Axel during a special concert for animals/ Bochum Zeche 2004


Is working on projects in tourism and music as well nowadays. Although he didn`t choose an all music career he has always been active in band projects such as Venice,Darxon,BlueVelvet or Naked Sons. Recently he is building up his own industrial metal formation `Morgenstein`. He`s not married and actually living in his hometown Herne/germany moving many times to the U.S.

All time favourites: Ayrton Senna, Valentino Rossi, Nastassja Kinski, John Bonham, Tommy Lee
Loves: Mojitos, Miami, pretty woman, motobikes, diving & skiing, good food, smart people
Hates: Homesickers, stupid drawer people, Jealousy
First record: The Sweet - Give us a wink
Favourite movies: The Crow - Part I, Bram Stoker`s Dracula
Starsign: Cancer
Myspace: yes, jannylee2000

The 1992 DARXON `Shout` Album
`A brillant experience in recording this album, great musicians and a very powerful production`

Jan rehearsing at his specially custom made SONOR-SignatureXL
drumkit / June 2007
`I love these shells. My two 22x20" Bassdrums and the 14x8" Snare are really kickin`ass..
Brillant powersound and an absolute prototype of shells that SONOR had thankfully done for me

A `Morgenstern` is shown up
All Hardware SONOR,All Pedals DW,All Cymbals PAISTE: RUDE,2002,3000 Brillant,ColorSound5 & Line Series

Cruisin` his 99 US-VMAX

Sailbreak on Independance day at carribean marina in St. Kitts / 2006

surrounded by his overseas team on vacation / 2001

Anna & Jan struggling of too much vodka at famous Bash Club in Miami / November 05

Mountainworks in Samnaun/Ischgl, Switzerland/Austria March 03

His `Playstation`


Is married nowadays and has a nice family. He is very successful as an comedy and music producer. Being honoured
as a multi-talented producer many times he is focussing his career. He`s living in Cologne nowadays and loves his family,
intelligent jokes and good beverages.

All time favourites:
First record:

to be added soon

Frontman par excellence

One of Peter`s very successful comedy projects/ The `Gerd-Show`


Is still living in his hometown Bochum and married. He is working for a radio station in Bochum and is playing guitar in
2 bandprojects. He loves his girl, Kiss and very good tobacco.

All time favourites:
First record:

to be added soon


As Axel`s band mate he is naturally very engaged in ARP. He loves passionate touring, music generally and working in his
own studio. He`s very addicted to his women and child and also engaged in several projects in his hometown Wattenscheid.

All time favourites:
First record:

to be added soon


Is a charming and married father. He also lives in Cologne nowadays and is working for a famous german magazine as a producer.
He still holds a lot of friends in his hometown Wuppertal and an own band project called `Cash Only` that hosts several former
band mates he used to play with.

All time favourites:
First record:

to be added soon

Roland as a live performer in his new band `Cash Only`

Roland and his bandmates of `Cash Only` including his friend Martin Rocco of former metalheads `Axe Victims`

4 Albums
/ 1984-1989

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